République Amazone

An off-the-hook dance party over talking drum elation
— Rolling Stone
50 Best Albums of 2017
— The Guardian

Released in March 2017, République Amazone is the debut album by Les Amazones d’Afrique. It features guest contributions by Angélique Kidjo, Mariam Doumbia (Amadou & Mariam), and Nneka as well as key vocalists Rokia Koné and Mamani Keïta. The album was produced by Liam Farrell (Tony Allen, Mbongwana Star) and released on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records.

The first single, ‘I Play the Kora’, bears a provocative title. Traditionally, the kora has been an instrument played exclusively by men— by stating that women can also play the kora, they reclaim their integrity. While this song might appear to be an attack on men, it is actually a love letter to them, asking them to respect and love their daughter, wives and relatives. In the song, they ask to be treated as equally, with the hope of creating a better world.

20 Favourite Songs of 2017
— Barack Obama
Ces voix magnifiques ont été confiées aux bons soins de Docteur L. qui en fait la matière brute de mixtures plus urbaines
— Telerama
A proud, forceful demonstration of the strength and variety of modern African music
— ★★★★ The Independent
A triumph
— ★★★★ The Observer

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